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Topic 7 - File organization

Terminology from the IB Subject Guide

File structure Details Access method (searching)
Sequential file Ordered or unordered records Sequential access
Partially-indexed file Ordered records Sequential access to index, followed by direct access to the first record in the group, then sequential access to find the desired record.
Fully-indexed file Unordered records Sequential access to the index, followed by direct access to the data file.
direct access file Unordered or ordered records A calculation provides thee address (location) of the record, followed by direct access to the record.

HL File Topics:

Topic Detail
Basics Key fields and sequential files
Partially-indexed files Ordered file, with partial index.
Fully-indexed files Unordered file with one or more full indexes.
Direct access Direct access files and fixed and variable length files, hashing.
Odds and ends File types in JETS and their application. Sorting & searching still to be done, I guess.



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