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Topic 3 - Computing Systems Fundamentals

This topic in the common core covers the basic architecture of computer systems and related subjects.


There are links from page to page in this section that do not neccessarily follow the Subject Guide sequencing but might make more sense as a teaching order.



Sub-topic Link Description
3.1 Language Translators About computer languages, high level, assembly and machine code. Compilers and interpreters. Software engineering and related tools.
3.2 Computer Architecture Links to a series of pages on this topic: The CPU and machine instruction cycle , computer memory , the microprocessor , peripheral devices and recent developments .
3.3 Computer Systems Operating systems , batch, online and real-time processing , reliability of systems .
3.4 Networked Computer Systems Link to the main hardware page , followed by page on software/integrity , then applications . Finally we cover the topic of browsers and search engines .
3.5 Data Representation Use of binary to represent different kinds of data. Binary, decimal and hexadecimal number systems. Two's complement integers, analog and digital data and applications (including sampling).
3.6 Errors Data entry and other errors.
3.7 Utility Software Utility software like data compressors, anti-virus software, file managers and defragmentation software.

Topic 3 in the common core is for both SL and HL students.


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