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The IB Computer Science course at SL and HL is designed to teach programming and problem solving using the Java language.

There are many approaches that can be taken and many of these pages can be used for other programming courses.

We also provide a number of pages that are specific to the IB course, such as the dossier section and the emphasis on mastery aspects.

Welcome. This page describes the collection of Java resources you will find on this site.

Link Description
Java core Introducing basic programming concepts via Applets, exercises and examples on sequence, selection, repetition. An introduction to classes, methods and parameters is also included.
Java Index Java examples on this site, indexed by class name, topic and mastery aspect (relates to IB Dossiers only)
Dossier Issues Some material on getting the dossier done, some topic suggestions, some forms for feedback from teachers to students that may be useful.
OOP terminology For reference purposes.
Java Code Library

This is an interactive Moodle course - you need to request a username and password - which gives "bare bones" Java code examples for you to use and modify.

There is a forum for you to ask questions about the IBIO methods or the code examples. This site is intended mainly for student use.


What is programming anyway?

If you want some background on the whole process of high level programming, click this link.

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