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What's new?

Got rid of the Moodle courses, wiki and other fluff.

Just the facts, Ma'am.

During this upgrade I've tried to preserve the major links but some of your bookmarks may now be broken - sorry for the inconvenience.

October 2013

Just a little housekeeping now that I no longer use the site commercially and come back to visit sporadically. Let me know if there is anything you would really like to see here.

Karapiro (again)
October 2013

June 2009

Moving the furniture yet again - sorry for any inconvenience - all part of making this the best site for IB Computer Science students and teachers.

July 2008

Back in New Zealand and not currently employed so hoping to spend some time fixing links and tidying up.

Re-introduced the Compwiki and took out the Guestbook (security holes) and the MyComputing (not being used).

WIll try to find time to add more interaction.

July 2008

January 2008

Workshop news: Andrew Meyenn and I have now trialled two new online workshops - Java for SL Dossier (Andrew) and Java for HL Dossier (Richard). Both run off this site and have been very well-received by teachers. the IBO website has details of upcoming workshops.

I've decided not to renew my contract in Beijing and will travel back to NZ probably in mid 2008 where I will look for consultancy opportunities - hopefully a good time to do some serious upgrade work on the site. Let me know what you would like to see.

Beijing, PRC
January 2008

July 2007

The next online workshop will probably take place in October this year, watch the IBO site or here for sign-on details. Meanwhile for f2f addicts, don't forget the Beijing Workshop now includes Computer Science - love to see you there.

I have added a new resources page to the CompWiki which, with your help, could fill up with a whole bunch of useful teaching resources.

I have added a searchable database of past paper questions to the Moodle site, the actual text cannot be included as it's copyright IBO and you should purchase your past papers from them. However, it does enable you to do a search by year, session, level and topic when you want some revision or test material.

Not much is going to happen between now and September as I'm taking an unusually long summer break this year; travelling by train to Ulan Bator, Irkutsk and Moscow; then onward to Poland, UK and Portugal, finally flying back via Dubai.

See you later!
Beijing, 1st July 2007.

May 2007

Following the May session exam seems a good time to upgrade the site for a new generation of IB Computer Science students.

The Online workshops are going well, we've had three now and are developing courses for teachers switching into Java from other languages or who feel they need to brush up some of the concepts.

Update September 2006

The Old IB pages were removed so some dead links certainly exist - maybe it is time for another sitewide re-vamp and re-writing of some of the older material. Don't know when I'll get to that though. Keeping busy with my new job at Dulwich College Beijing where I have set up a new site mainly for my Year 10 students.

A new course for Computer Science teachers - an online workshop - was piloted in May/June under the auspices of IBO and a number of lessons were learnt. We will be offering a further online workshop course in October 2006. Please contact me or IBO or your IB coordinator for details.

Beijing, China
September 25th 2006.


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