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About Richard

Current location:

Dulwich College Beijing
89 Capital Airport Road
Legend Garden Villas
Shunyi District
Beijing 101300, PRC

(8610) 6454 9049

Special Skills
Co-Author of IB Computer Science, IBID Press, a textbook for IB Computer Science.

Webmaster of a support website for IB Computer Science - right here.

Principal Moderator for IB Computer Science Dossiers for the International Baccalaureate

B Sc Geology (London, UK), 1974

M Sc Marine Earth Science (London), 1978

MA Ed (Educational Management) (Bath, UK), 1995

PG Cert Online Ed (USQ, Australia), 2000

Worked with Crystal Reports and on database development at AIC.

Organised the Tabitha Cambodia student group, took charge of Global Concerns and led the publication of a student calendar.

Visitng lecturer at Waikato on a 1-year contract.

Completed a 4-year contract with UWCSEA.

Went 4 times to Cambodia to build houses for the Tabitha NGO.

Introduced IB Computer Science as a subject at UWCSEA.

Designed my first school website at St Julian's. Using Front Page I'm now embarrassed to add.

Watched my children go through the school.

Programming mainly in


Wrote advertising copy for TAP Air Portugal and Commercial Union at this time, among other things, while unemployed..

Including spells working offshore in the Bijagos Archipelago for Atlantic.

Lots of travel at this time.

Around the world a couple of times.

References on request

Permanent Residence:

Richard Francis Jones
PO BOX 246, Cambridge, New Zealand
Home phone: +64 7 823 3244
Work phone: +64 9 309 4480
Mobile phone: +64 21 237 3274

Career Objective
A position in international education in middle to senior level management, eg Head of Computer Department or similar. Particularly interested in setting up low-cost e-learning centres for schools interested in moving into this area.

Employment History

Head of ICT August 2006 - June 2008
Dulwich College Beijing
Beijing, PRC
. Teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 ICT
. Development of the Virtual Learning Centre & staff training
. Teaching a little bit of maths to my lovely Y7's.
. Helping to co-ordinate the service activities in the Senior School

e-Learning Manager/Project Manager October 2004 - April 2006
Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Auckland, New Zealand
October 2004 - June 2005 on secondment to Te Tauihu o Nga Wananga:
. Managing the development of a web-based resource centre
. Creating online courses using the Moodle LMS.
. Running training workshops for educators
. Preparation of online e-learning material (Moodle)
. Designing workflow for digital repository (DSpace)
. Integrating the Resource Centre into the Wananga Development Plan.
. Responsibility for management of e-Learning application (Moodle LMS).
. Associated course development/transition to e-Learning.
. Developing Level 4 and Online Education certificate programs.
. Some overlap with part-time teaching at AIC to June 2005.

E-learning Manager July 2003 - June 2005
Auckland International College
Auckland, New Zealand
. Teaching ICT, Java Programming, website design.
. Designed and developed support websites for above courses.
. Responsible for specifying admin software system, school intranet.
. Assisting in development of pastoral support program.
. Part-time October 2004 - June 2005.

Visiting Lecturer July 2002 - July 2003
Dept of Computer Science, University of Waikato
Hamilton, New Zealand
. Lecturing C++ programming, systems architecture and digital electronics.
. Designed and developed support websites for above courses.
. Responsible for further developing the 7th form scholarship program.
. Administering Online Teaching Environment (WICED) support site.

Teacher i/c Lower School Computing August 1998 - June 2002
United World College of South East Asia, Singapore
. Teaching IT in Grades 5 and 8, Electronics in Grades 6 and 7,
   IGCSE Computing Grades 9/10, IB Computer Science Grades 11/12.       Exceptional external examination results in 2002.
. Responsible for curriculum development of IT in Lower School.
. Led Staff Training sessions in the use of IT.
. Led Grade 9 expedition to southern Riau, Indonesia.
. Assisted Grade 8 expeditions to Chiang Mai, Thailand.
. Coach of the High School softball team.

Director of Computing Services September 1989 -July 1998
St Julian's School, Portugal
. Teaching keyboard skills in Years 3 - 6, IT in Years 7 - 9,
    GCSE Computing Years 10/11, IB Computer Science & ITGS Grades 12/13
    Invited to become IB Examiner on strength of examination results.
. Responsible for all computer specification and purchasing in the school.
. Responsible for integration of IT into the middle school curriculum subject areas
    in line with the English National Curriculum requirements.
. Responsible for staff training in IT
  Set up the financially successful Cambridge IT adult training program.
. Voluntary Head of Year , Years 7, 8 & 9.
  Led further development of pastoral care system in the school.
. Chair of the Staff Association for 3 years, conducted critical salary negotiations
    with the board during a difficult period.
. Designed and developed the school's networked Administration Database .
. Organized local inter-school's softball competitions.

Nat Lab Industrial Engineering and Technology, Portugal August 1986 - August 1989
. Research /computer programming of mathematical models of fluidized bed combustion.
. Several publications on the topic, presented at international conferences.
. Responsible to Director for EEC hydrocarbon project evaluations.
. Utility/systems programming tasks.

Unemployed/Self-employed August 1985 - July 1986

Chief Geophysicist February 1982 - July 1985
Atlantic Resources Lda, Portugal
. Responsible for final geophysical reports Casamance region Senegal, Guinea-Bissau
. Seismic intepretation of complex offshore areas, working closely with World Bank .
. Training of geophysicists in Senegal, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau.
. Designed, oversaw 4000 km of seismic survey data acquisition , Bijagos Archipelago.

Geophysical Consultant September 1980 - January 1982
Atlas Geophysical Consultants, UK
. Consultant for various oil companies, eg Shell UK, Amoco, BP.
. Working worldwide.

Geophysical Consultant July 1977- August 1980
Southern Geophysical Consultants, UK
. Consultant for various oil companies, eg Texaco, Elf-Aquitaine, Hispanoil.
. Working worldwide.

QC Seismologist July 1974 - June 1976
Geophysical Service International, UK
. Completed 2-year offshore contract.
. Working in Far East, Canada, West Africa, N Sea.

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